Professional Replacement

Recruitment and selection

Through electronic tools, individual evaluations, behavioral tests and group dynamics, HRM selects the ideal professional to perform the desired function..

Recruitment Agency

Temporary work simplifies bureaucracy, since hiring, payment, collection and termination have fewer burdens. Contracts can last 90 daysor extension for another 90

Managed (CLT)

It is a form of service rendering that aims at the management of the personnel administration process. Know this simple and practical hiring tool.


GRH is a company that belongs to the Gaia Partners group and is focused on human resources and human resources solutions in the most diverse areas and market segments.
The main focus is to surprise the customer through innovative solutions and quality services. GRH believes that working in partnership is capable of adding mutual values and leading a business to success.

Professional Replacement, Institucional

With this vision, GRH builds a good relationship with its customers and employees.
Starting from this philosophy of work that the company has been conquering its space in the market

GRH, Institucional

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